Ventilator Analyzer – Portable

TSI’s Certifier FA (4070) Ventilator Tester is the best way to test ventilators, oxygen concentrators and other respiratory and flow devices. It is a complete measurement solution for air, oxygen and nitrous oxide.

If you desire to measure pressure at higher pressures, we recommend the DPM-235175NNFC, also available from BC Group. It will economically add higher pressure capability to your Certifier-FA ventilator tester. Even with this additional investment, your total cost is still significantly less than competing ventilator testers.

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? 1/3 the size & 1/3 the cost of competitive products
? Flow Rate
? Volume
? Pressure
? Minute Volume
? Inspiratory Time
? I:E Ratio
? Bias Flow Compensation
? Breath Rate
? Auto Temperature Compensation
? Peak & PEEP Pressure
? Oxygen Concentration (Optional)

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