Our Founder

Charles founded Meximed Africa Ltd in 2006 and has over 20 years of experience in the medical device engineering field. He has worked for Philips and GE on turnkey projects throughout East Africa. As the Chief Operating Officer for Seven Seas Technologies, he founded Meximed East Africa Ltd and later reinvented it to Meximed Africa Ltd, which now operates in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda with plans for further expansion.

Charles has extensive experience in medical product supply, equipment servicing and maintenance, and consultancy on medical devices, machinery, facility design and construction, and non-pharmaceutical medical requirements.

Quality Assured Services

MEXIMED AFRICA LTD offers a full range of products and services for
clinics, private and public facilities, and military/research facilities in need
of medical equipment, installation, calibrations, repairs, maintenance and
training & technical assistance.

We understand your requirements: be it the purchase of top quality and
reliable new or refurbished equipment for your operating theatre, ICU/HDU
or imaging diagnostic unit, or your need for high quality maintenance to
keep your equipment well calibrated and functioning when you need it.

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What we do

We import, provide, distribute and service medical equipment and provide a wide range of after sale services including installation & calibration, biomedical training and service & maintenance.

Our Vision

  • To avail, distribute & maintain medical equipment
  • To facilitate the provision & access of quality and affordable healthcare for all available populations

Our Mission

Our vision is to become the ideal supply partner to all our customers within and beyond Africa and achieve sustained growth, through consistent delivery of innovative, customer-centric, world-class quality products and services.

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