Certifier Plus Full Kit 4080-F w/ O2kit, Lung Sim,Call for Intl pricing

The Certifier? Plus Test System 4080-F is made up of a Certifier? Plus High-Flow Module Kit 4081, Certifier? Plus Interface Module Kit 4089, and an Oxygen Sensor Kit 4073.

This multi-function pneumatic test system can measure 28 different test parameters and graph data in real-time. Pressure and temperature compensated bi-directional flow sensors deliver high accuracy gas flow measurements with a fast rate of response and industry-leading, low-pressure drop. Users can measure using STP, ATP, BTPS, BTPD, or user-defined gas conditions and test breath rates up to 1500 bpm.

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The Certifier? System 4080-F comes with a full kit of accessories that includes an inlet filter, airway pressure fitting, (5) adapters, silicone tubing, flow module cable, power supply with plug set, rechargeable Li-ion battery (installed), USB computer cable, protective cover, 1L test lung, RAM? mounting kit (interface + flow module), capacitive touch stylus, and fitted deluxe carrying case.

4080-F Test Parameters

Flow Rate, Peak Flow, and Minimum Flow

Inhaled and Exhaled Tidal Volumes, Minute Volume

Low Pressure (Differential)

Peak, PEEP, and Minimum Pressures

Mean Airway Pressure

High Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Plateau Pressure

Static Compliance

Inspiratory and Expiratory Times

Inspiratory Pause Time, Inspiratory Rise Time

I:E Ratio, I:E Ratio Including Pause Time

Respiratory Rate

Gas Temperature

Oxygen Concentration

Features and Benefits
Large, high resolution color display and real-time graphing for easy data viewing

Simple to use with touchscreen operation and automatic breath triggering

Create user configurations to enable faster test setups

Li-ion rechargeable batteries provide up to 8 hours of continuous operation

Data storage using SD Flash card and internal memory

Reporting made easier with screen captures, data acquisition, and easy USB export

Multiple mounting options saves benchtop space and optimizes your test setups

Dual flow module capability for flow module self-checks and simultaneous high and low flow operation

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