Flow Analyzer – Benchtop – PFC-3000

The PFC-3000 series of ventilator testers measures flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations bidirectionally. The one-of-a-kind adult, pediatric and high frequency ventilation measuring modes make the PFC-3000 the ideal calibration tool for all ventilators, anesthesia machines and spirometers. The PFC-3000 distinguishes itself from other calibration tools by combining a simple, intuitive multilingual user interface with the highest precision tester. With the push of a button, all measured values can be stored directly on the PFC-3000 and later retrieved for documentation purposes.

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Test Report
Generated PDF Report
Test report printouts with one click
User defined configuration
Logo insertion available
FlowAnalyser data automatically retrieved
Various input options for each tested ventilator
Unique control number for each report
Displayed in time-relation or as a loop
Various cursors measure the curves
Unique trigger used to display real-time curves in Single Shot, Norm or Auto mode
User defined layout and colours
Option of setting a title, printing and saving
Simultaneous display of up to 6 different curves
Up to 100 hours of data logging
User defined trending interval
Up to 10 values simultaneously
Data export to Excel, etc.
User defined layout and colours
Option of setting a title, printing and saving
Automatic file size calculation
All measurements displayed on one page or combined with panels
User defined layout and colours
Statistical data including mean, max and min for each value
Input of target value with tolerances
Automatic verification
Up to 20 values displayed simultaneously
Available in 15 languages
All languages included – free of charge
Languages from every continent
Increased operating security
Continuous language additions

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