Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash CT Scanner

CT Scanner provides fast and accurate scanning with dose reduction, maximizes patient safety
The Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash is a whole-body CT scanner that optimizes scan time and dose efficiency, allowing for successful imaging on a variety of patients. With thorax scans that take approximately 0.6 seconds, clinicians can get clear images, without a breath hold if necessary ? increasing the scanner?s performance possibilities in trauma and critical care settings.

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Full-featured CT scanner with record low scan times and radiation doses, maximizing patient comfort.
Fast scan times ensure accurate imaging, even in challenging cases involving obese patients, trauma patients, restless patients, and more.
Complete an entire thorax scan in less than a second, without a breath hold if necessary for intubated or critical care patients.
A whole body scan only takes approximately 5 seconds.
Provides crystal clear imaging of the coronary arteries with a temporal resolution of 75 ms.
In perfusion or dynamic vascular imaging, long range scans become routine.
Flash trauma scanning doesn?t require a topogram, making a critical difference in trauma patient care plans.
X-CARE technology protects individual organs and radiation-sensitive body regions by minimizing exposure.
Split Second Thorax technology:
No breath hold required
Allows for clear coronary images
Triple rule-out reduces dose by 80%
Whole body trauma scan in under 5 seconds
Organ perfusion reduces dose by 50%
Single dose Dual Energy technology:
Optimum contrast in every image
No dose penalty
Faster, more accurate diagnosis
12 FDA-cleared applications
Organ-sensitive dose protection technology:
Provides the lowest possible dose in all organs
Protects radiation-sensitive organs
Real-time dose modulation
Iterative reconstruction
Sub-mSV technology:
Sub-mSV scan for early detection allows 92.5% dose reduction
75 ms true temporal resolution
Heart perfusion scanning

Rotation time: 0.28 sec
Number of slices: 2 x 128
Generator: 200 kW (2 x 100 kW)
Isotropic resolution: 0.33 mm
Temporal resolution: 75 ms, heart-rate independent
Max. scan speed: 458 mm/s with Flash Spiral
Table load: up to 300 kg/660 lb
Gantry opening: 78 cm

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