GE Optima CT660 CT Scanner

CT Scanner provides fast, high-quality acquisition at optimized doses for personalized care.
The GE Optima CT660 is a 64-slice CT scanner with advanced applications that help clinicians make a fast and confident diagnosis. The scanner features a simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation. It is designed to bring competent, personalized care effectively and efficiently. The Optima CT660 is provides exceptional comfort for patients of all ages and vitrually all sizes.

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64-slice CT scanner combines the advanced innovations from GE Discovery and LightSpeed families.
Provides fast, high-quality acquisition at optimized doses for highly competent, personalized care.
Designed for high performance across a wide spectrum of procedures: cardiac, angiography, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopedic, and more.
One-Touch setup allows clinicians to personalize image presentation to individual preferences, automatically applying preset advanced processing, volume-rendering, multi-planar reformats, and image sizing protocols.
Short scan times with 40mm thin slice acquisitions for reliable studies.
Wide V-Res? detector measures 40 mm and acquiries data in 64 channels.
Fast and efficient HiLight? scintillator with 99% absorption efficiency.
Performix? 40 tube delivers peak mA capability up to 600 mA, providing clear imaging of smaller structures and less noise in cardiac studies.
Reconstruction technology and crossbeam correction deliver 0.35 mm isotropic spatial resolution.
Faster rotation speed provides faster temporal resolution for cardiac acquisitions.
CAN Cia425 integrated injector interface synchronizes the start of the scan with the start of the injection, providing a better opportunity for successful contrast bolus timing.
GE ASiR technology helps clinicians achieve dose reductions of up to 40% while maintaining image quality.
Optima CT660 image chain is powered by the Volara?XT Data Acquisition System (DAS).
Table allows patients as heavy as 227 kg (500 lb).
Table features automatic positioning according to the type of exam, reducing positioning and streamlining clinician workflow.
Table can be positioned by selecting the exam type from the touchscreen, then pressing the foot pedal.
Built-in display shows pictures that can help the technologist and patient understand the correct exam position, making exams more personal.
Quieter console provides a better work environment.
Automated voice system allows clinicians to give instructions in the patient?s own language for an improved experience.
Environmentally friendly design produces up to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions during energy saving mode.
Simultaneous data transfer optimizes and streamlines workflow between the workstation, PACS, and external devices such as CD writers.

Image Display: 12 in
Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lb

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