Philips Brilliance 16-Slice CT Scanner

CT Scanner provides high-quality imaging, fast reconstruction, task automation, and dose reduction.
The Philips Brilliance is a 16-Slice, complete CT scanner designed for a variety of imaging applications. With the Brilliance Extended Workspace, clinicians can use a dedicated PC to work independently of the scanner for enhanced workflow.

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Complete CT scanner ideal for routine CT studies and advanced motion sensitive applications, including CT colonography and pulmonary studies.
Automated tools help clinicians to set up patients and manage scans.
Fast reconstruction from the Brilliance CT helps clinicians maximize their time.
Maximize dose efficiency with a wide range of features.
Rate Responsive technology for advanced cardiac imaging, including calcium scoring, as well as retrospective and prospective gating.
MRC X-ray tube provides heat capacity for longer scan times, enabling thin-slice imaging.
Spiral Auto Start monitors contrast injections, allowing clinicians to initiate and stop scans without having to leave the scan room.
DoseWise helps to ensure optimal dose efficiency helps to protect patients without compromising image quality.
Fast scan times of 0.4 seconds with reconstruction rates of up to 20 ips.
Full gantry rotation with temporal resolution as low as 53 msec.
Brilliance Extended Workspace brings advanced clinical applications to a dedicated PC, allowing staff to work independently of the scanner.
Optional ? Brilliance Workspace Portal allows clinicians to remotely manage large data sets from a laptop or home computer.

Gantry (Max. Clearance): 70 cm
Image Display: 18 in flat LCD 4
Maximum Scan Range: 175 cm
Patient Weight Capacity: 450 lb
Slices: 16
Type (Configuration): Multislice

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