Medical Gas Zone Valve Box

Z2G2O3V 2 valve box with gauges ?” oxygen, ?” vacuum

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Meets NFPA 99 requirements
Full port ball valves
3 piece in-line repairable valves
Adjustable packing with blow-out proof stem design
Accommodate valve sizes from ? to 2 inches
Valves to have a working pressure of 600 psi (29 in/Hg vacuum)
All valves cleaned for Oxygen service
Full color coded labeling
Available with 1 ?” diameter gauges
Valves comply with Federal Standard WW-V35B, Type II, Composition: BZ, Style 1.

All zone valve boxes must be installed and tested in strict accordance with NFPA 99 standards and or any other local codes before use.

The valves are bronze, ball-type, with Teflon (TFE) seats and seals. All valves are rated at a working pressure of 600 psi (29 in/Hg vacuum) and are operated by a lever-type handle, requiring only a quarter turn from a fully open position to a fully closed position. The valves incorporate an adjustable packing and a blow- out proof stem. Only full port valves having flow rates comparable to equivalent size of pipe shall be used. Valves are piped from left to right.

All valves are provided with type K copper tubing extensions to facilitate installation. Valves are 3 piece in-line repairable type. Each valve assembly is supplied cleaned for oxygen service in accordance with current CGA standards. The valve tube ends are capped and sealed in a protective container to prevent contamination prior to installation. Gauges shall be 1 ? inch diameter for monitoring pressure and vacuum, and will state: “USE NO OIL”. Dual scale gauges are not acceptable for U.S.A. installations. A fully color coded label package are supplied with each valve box assembly for application by the installer.

The valve box is 16 gauge sheet steel construction painted with two part epoxy to prevent rust. A single box shall house from one to three valves. Boxes may be coupled with other boxes with a part # ZV-801 zone valve box coupler kit. The boxis supplied with a ? inch plaster flange for easy mounting.

Valve box assembly is supplied with a formed steel decorative frame painted black which encloses an easily removable flexible window. The window is a “smoked” translucent flexible plastic with a pull-out ring pre-mounted to the center of the window. The window is not replaceable while any valve is in an open position. Window is silk screened with the following statement

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