Gas Manifold

A new line of Centralized Medical Gas Systems. These systems provide excellent service by integrating professional grade, modular systems that are ready to install. Avante has the information, knowledge, and products to create, design or consult on layout of new clinics – or – fitting an efficient Medical Gas System into current facilities. We can help ensure that your facility’s design allows for an economical gas system.

Amanifold allows multiple oxygen tanks to be coupled together as a system. These oxygen tanks are then regulated and controlled for high and low pressure limits. A control panel monitors the system’s current status and provides alarms when pressure limits are exceeded.

The manual manifold requires the operator to manually switch between empty and reserve tanks. The electronic manifold detects empty tanks and performs the switch to a new tank automatically. In each case, the operator has to replace empty tanks.

The manifold interfaces with a med gas plumbing system (provided by a contracted professional) that transports the gases to various outlets.

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