Medical Gas Alarms – Combination Alarm Panel

(Combination alarm shown is 4 gases, 16 remote signals and uture expansion module ? part # AUOAVT16B)

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The Master Alarm Panel monitors and displays normal and alarm conditions from up to 6 medical gases or up to 64 remote medical gas source signals in various combinations. Transducers are included, pressure switches and DISS union check valve connectors are sold separately.

Complies with NFPA 99. Made in the U.S.A.
CUL Listed
Self-contained unit ? designed for ease of installation and service.
Optional panel available for interface to building management system.
Microprocessor controlled
Self-diagnostic and error message display for ease of maintenance.
Audio and visual alarm indicators
Bright easy to read L.E.D. displays ? clearly visible in both day and night lighting conditions
Constant display and monitoring of each gas and each source alarm signal
User programmable high/low set points and remote signal alarm points (NC, NO or off)
Dry contacts for remote monitoring of all alarm conditions
Alarm history display of previous alarm conditions
Easy to read ? color coded gas modules
Hinged frame with lanyards for easy accessibility
Three year PC board warranty

The panel is microprocessor controlled and designed to comply with NFPA 99. The panel is 100% digital and does not require re-calibration. The panel will be able to interface with most building management systems with the use of additional equipment. The alarm panel is enclosed in a steel box and is designed to accept an electrical input range of 120-240 volts AC ? 50-60 hertz. The source voltage is stepped down with a self-contained transformer. The panel contains audible and visual alarm indicators. The audible alarm may be silenced by pressing the alarm silence button, but the visual alarm indicator can only be canceled by fault correction. The alarm detects and filters out transient (less than 0.6 seconds) signals created by R.F.I. The alarm is capable of displaying alarm history for all possible alarm conditions Each gas module can display two gases. Each source signal module can monitor 16 signals. The alarm is capable of monitoring and displaying up to 6 gases per alarm or 64 medical gas source signals, or any combination in increments of two gases, or 16 source signals. The alarm may be an Area Alarm, Master Alarm or combination Area/Master. Gas or source signal modules can be arranged in accordance with customer requirements.

In addition, each Area Alarm Module shall incorporate the following features:

Does not require re-calibration
Gas specific sensor with DISS nut & nipple. An error message will be displayed if incorrect sensor or no sensor is attached
Trend indicator LED display (green = normal, yellow = caution, red = alarm) for each gas service
User programmable pressure limits (Programmed from factory at 60/40 psig and 12 in Hg)
Shall be capable of displaying gas readouts in PSI (in Hg), BAR or kPa, button selected.
Gas alarm repeat feature, adjustable from 5 minutes to 4 hours, or off
Transducers to up to be mounted inside the alarm for easy access, or may be mounted remotely.
In addition, each 16 signal Master Alarm Module shall incorporate the following features:

User programmable to accept NO or NC signals, or not to be used at all. Factory preset to accept Normally Closed signals
Each signal point may be individually programmed, NC or NO or turned off
LED indicators (Green) confirms normal status, (Red) indicates abnormal condition
Each signal easily labeled and positioned to suit any requirement using self adhesive labels provided

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