Vision LED 120 Surgical Lighting System

Economical, dual head surgical light with convenient touchscreen controls
The Vision LED 120 is a dual head surgical lighting system designed for use in hospitals and surgery centers. Using the convenient LCD touchscreen, clinicians can easily adjust each light head?s illumination. Focus and position the light heads with removable, sterilizable handles.

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Dual head surgical light designed for OR use in hospitals and surgery centers.
Shadowless light clearly illuminates operating area.
Maximum illumination rated at 120,000 Lux.
Color temperature rated at 4,300 Kelvin.
LCD touchscreen adjusts illumination.
Focusing handle can be removed and sterilized in accordance with sanitation requirements.
Easily toggle between ambient mode and surgical mode.

Light Head Specifications
Central Luminance: 36,000 Lux ? Ec ? 120,000 Lux
Spot Diameter: d10 ? 280mm | d50 ? 150mm
Focusing Depth: ? 1500mm
Ra: ?95
Color Temp: 4300K?250K
Net Weight (single light head): 78kg
Load Capacity of Ceiling: More than 500kg
Shadowless Specifications
Shadowless rate with single baffle: ?35%
Shadowless rate with double baffles: ?35%
Shadowless rate in deep cavity of the body: ?90%
Shadowless rate with single baffle in deep cavity: ?30%
Shadowless rate with double baffles in deep cavity: ?35%
General Specifications
Power: 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz
Temperature: +10 ~ +30?C
Humidity: ?75%
Atmospheric Pressure: 700~1060hpa

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