Maxx Luxx LED 160 Surgical Light

The Maxx Luxx LED 160 is an advanced, cost-efficient surgery lighting system. It offers an exceptional 160,000 lux and a rich, adjustable color temperature. Its German-manufactured spring arms offer superior and reliable positioning.

Available in dual ceiling, single, wall configurations, and an optional HD camera and/or third monitor arm

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LCD touch-screen for easily adjustable output.
Quality German engineered arm system for superior positioning.
Adjustable color temperature for optimizing human tissue colors.
Built to last. Rated for up to 50,000 hours.
Adjustable focusing.
Adjustable CRI.
Cool output LED light source.
Complies with sterilizing and laminar flow cleaning requirements
Energy efficient.

120-350 mm spot diameter
160,000 lux (14,800 foot candles)
Color temperature of 3500?-5000? Kelvin
Illumination Depth(mm):700-1500
30,000 to 50,000-hour life rated LED life
LED power(W):120
Color Rendering Index(%):?93
Available Color: Cr?me

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