Siemens Axiom Artis Cath/Angio System

Multi-functional system to meet your facility?s needs
The Siemens Axiom Artis is a fully digital angiography system that offers a variety of configurations to support different clinical applications. The Axiom Artis is equipped with flat detector or image intensifier technology, and is suitable for a variety of procedures, including innovative cardiovascular examinations and interventions, universal angiography procedures, and interventional procedures. Configuration options include a floor stand, top stand, mixed floor/top stand, and attached side tabletop.

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Subtracted fluoroscopy mode to emphasize vessels, making catheter and guide wire positioning easier
SIMOMED or LCD monitor
Flat detector technology
Intercom system
Available tabletop options: tabletop narrow, tabletop wide, neuro tabletop, OR tabletop
Four basic control modules, depending on type and configuration:
Table (Table Control Module TCM)
Stand/C-arm (Stand Control Module SCM)
Collimation and filter (Collimator Control Module CCM)
Imaging system (Touchscreen Control)
Multi Modality Viewing control unit to enable display of different modalities and their output signals in exam room on a separate color monitor
Accessories for patient table (excluding Artis dMP)
Head support with cushion mask
Supports with accessory rails
Head-end holder
Articulated arm support
Handgrips with supports
Shoulder supports
Arm support
Arm holders
Cable clips
Infusion bottle holder
Immobilizing straps
Catheter tray
Instrument tray
Stackable accessory rail
Abdominal compression band
Positioning set with transparency compensation
Accessories for Artis dMP
Immobilizing straps
Holder with accessory rails
Adapter with rails
Shoulder belt
Arm support
Tabletop extension
Compression unit
Foot holder

Flat Detector
FD 20 x 20 with 20 cm x 20 cm input field
FD 30 x 38 with 30 cm x 38 cm input field
Imaging Systems
Can be used in single plane and biplane systems
Can be modularly equipped for different applications according to its use
Acquisition Modes
Digital radiography (DR)
Angiocardiography (CARD)
Digital subtraction angiography (DSA)
Special Acquisition Modes
Angiography with stepping (peripheral angiography):
Rotational angiography:
Artis dMP scanning examination:

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