GE Innova 3131 Cath/Angio System

Cath/Angio System Offers Advanced Image Quality & Easy Patient Positioning
The GE Innova 3131 is a fully integrated biplane angiographic x-ray system suitable for interventional x-ray procedures. Ideal for cardiology and neurology, the unparalleled technology Innova 3131 ensures accurate and consistent high imaging performance. A variety of safety features are incorporated into the system as well to ensure a smooth and comfortable procedure.

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Dose monitoring
Holds up to eight monitors
Tube chiller
Detector chiller
Smart Fluoro
Real-time 3D imaging and reconstruction
Max dose reduction setting to decrease exposure
Anti collision software and sensors provided for patient safety
C-arm units (including Gantries, control cabinets and table-side control boxes)
X-ray tubes: Performix 160A
Image detection units
Cardiac Table Omega IV or Angio Table Omega V
TSUI smart box and smart handle
Table side status control
Innova Central touch screen
X-ray high-frequency and high-voltage generators: JEDI 100
In-room and control monitors
Accessories include: table head extender, armboard, IV pole, quick strap, head holder, Clear-Vu arm support, mattress and mattress slicker, shoulder rests, and footrests. For more information, contact your Avante representative.
Smart box
Smart box with cables
TSSC with cables
IVUS PIM (with metallic support)
IVUS Joystick
IVUS Control
IVUS Touch Pad
IVUS Pimmette
3D mouse box
Cable support
Table panning device
Injector head

Maximum peak power: 100 kW
Maximum average power: 3.2 kW
Range of high frequency: 20 kHz – 60 kHz
kV-mA range: kV from 40 kV – 125 kV; 1000 mA maximum
Large focus maximum mA: 1000 mA
Large focus maximum power: 100 kW
Small focus maximum mA: 400 mA
Small focus maximum power: 48 kW
Compressed focus maximum mA: 200 mA
Compressed focus maximum power: 16 kW
Gantry – LC Positioner (Frontal)
L-arm rotates on vertical axis ? 100? (? 95? motorized limit set)
Offset C-arm permits -117?/+105? RAO/LAO rotation
L-arm rotation speed: 10? per second
C-arm permits 50? cranial and 45? caudal angulation of the imaging system
Combination of C-arm and L-arm movements permits ?55? cranial and caudal angulations
SID fully motorized: 8.9 cm/s (3.5 in/s)
SID range 89 cm to 119 cm (35 in to 46.8 in)
Travel distance of 30 cm (11.8 in)
X-ray Tube Focal Spot to isocenter 72 cm (28.3 in)
Gantry – LP Positioner (Lateral)
C-arm permits angulations from 2? LAO to 115? LAO
C-arm pivot permits from 45? cranial to 90? caudal angulations of the imaging system
Rotation speed of C-arm/C-arm pivot: 0? to 10? per second
X-ray tube Focal Spot to Isocenter range: 71 cm to 88 cm (27.9 in to 34.6 in)
SID range: 84 cm to 137 cm (33.1 in to 54 in)
Detector and tube lift speed: 89 mm/s
Omega Table
Can support table weight of 204 kg (450 lbs)
Tabletop length: 333 cm (131 in)
Width: 46 cm (18 in) in patient trunk area, 67 cm (26.4 in) max
Horizontal float movement: 8-way
Horizontal motorized movement: 2-way
Longitudinal speed: 0 to 15 cm/s
Longitudinal travel: 170 cm (67 in)
Equivalent fluoroscopic coverage: 186 cm (73 in)
Transverse travel: ?14 cm (5.5 in)
Vertical travel: 30 cm (12 in)
Vertical travel above floor: 78 cm to 108 cm (30.7 in to 42.5 in)
Vertical speed: 2 cm/s at 50 Hz, 2.5 cm/s at 60 Hz
Table base: 61 cm x 52 cm (24 in x 20.5 in)
Table rotation: ?180?
Temperature range: 15? C to 32? C (59? F to 89.6? F)
Maximum load a table-side rail can handle is 40 kg (88.18 lbs)

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