Philips Avalon FM30 Fetal Monitor

Avalon FM30
The Avalon FM30 is a state-of-the-art fetal/maternal monitor with cutting-edge features, including advanced transducers, high-quality signal processing, and a touchscreen interface. It provides integrated monitoring of maternal pulse rate and blood pressure (optional), as well as monitoring of multiple fetal heart rates, uterine activity, and fetal movement. It offers fetal and maternal monitoring for obstetrical departments in offices, clinics, and hospitals, including during delivery and laobr and antepartum monitoring of high-risk patients. pre-natal checkups and high-risk deliveries.

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Not only can the FM30 monitor triplets, these advanced and compact fetal monitors are also simply smart enough to provide all the information you need to care for your patients:

Crisp and clear intuitive color touchscreen with large numerics and graphics
Backup memory for seamless monitoring
LAN interface for compatibility with hospital IT networks and access to additional system capabilities
Smart transducers with auto-recognition simplify operation
Transducer plug and play with automatic screen layout to focus on the patient, not the system
Data buffer with multi-patient handling for random printout
Cross-channel verification of maternal and fetal heart rates

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