Envoy F/M Central Fetal/Maternal Monitoring System

Comprehensive central station designed for the obstetrical care environment
Manage up to 32 fetal/maternal bedside monitors in real-time
The Envoy F/M telemetry system combines real time fetal/maternal monitoring, alerts, reviewing, printing and patient information storage in one system. It covers the entire spectrum of obstetrical care from the first antepartum visits to delivery.

The Envoy F/M presents information transmitted from fetal and maternal monitors, and generates alerts for critical events. It also provides immediate access to patient information, helping you focus on patients and achieve top quality care.

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Superior monitoring ? provides continuous trace values and displays all measurement values for the fetus and mother
Provides audio and visual alerts, making doctors and nurses immediately aware of critical events
Displays alerts, even when other clinical applications are in use
Stores monitoring data and traces for up to 100,000 patients
Saves time and effort with a user-friendly interface
Multiple network structures to meet different requirements ? ethernet network or Wireless LAN network

Maximum 7 waveforms for a single monitor connected to the system
Colorful high resolution monitor
Display information for up to 32 fetal/maternal monitors on screen
Three monitoring interfaces: Fetal monitoring, maternal monitoring, fetal/maternal monitoring
Up to 24-hour monitoring processes
Up to 200 groups of NIBP lists
Store up to 100,000 records
Automatically saves data every minute
Four review modes
Event and CTG review
Data Management
Supports classified user function
Fuzzy/exact search engine available
Audio and visual for both maternal and fetal parameters

High speed and quality laser printing, instead of bedside printing
International/USA printing format
A4/B5 paper style
Advanced paper technology, auto print of valid data
Print preview
Section printing available
Data Transfer Bed to Bed
Support data transfer bed to bed, incorporating antepartum and labor monitoring data from different bedside monitors

Wired/wireless network structure to meet different requirements

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