Neolite LED Infant Radiant Warmer and Phototherapy System

The Neolite Infant Warmer features three control modes, and it is designed to help deliver phototherapy
The Neolite LED provides LED-based phototherapy with timer:
Three control modes: Pre-warm mode, manual mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer.
Set temperature and skin temperature can be displayed separately.
Easily adjust the horizontal angle of the warmer module and the inclination of the infant bed.
Panels surrounding the bassinet can be turned outward, improving access to the infant.
X-ray casette located under the bassinet

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Standard Configuration
Warmer Module, Bassinet,
Main Column, Stand, Controller,
IV Pole, Tray, and Phototherapy
Unit (with LED bulbs)
Optional Configuration
Breath Resuscitation bag and
Infant Head-Stabilization Unit

Power requirements: AC110V – 240V/50-60 Hz; 750W (fixed stand configuration) 800W (VHA stand configuration)
Mode of control: Pre-warm mode control, manual mode control and baby mode controlled by micro-computer
Baby mode temperature control range: 34.5 ? C – 37.5? C
Temperature sensor display range: 5? C – 65? C
Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ?0.3? C
Deviation between the measurement by the skin temperature sensor and the control temperature: ?0.5? C
Temperature uniformity of mattress: ?2? C
Angle of warmer module: 0?, 30?, 60? (two directions)
Inclination of the bassinet: ?10?
APGAR timer: Sounds when the unit tones at 1′, 5′, 10′
Failure alarm: Over temperature alarm, deviation alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, setting alarm, status alarm, and more.
Maximum bilirubin radiation on the mattress, effective range: ?1000uW/cm2
Bilirubin uniformity of radiating on the mattress, effective range: >0.4
Wave length of blue light: 420 mm – 470 mm

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