Neolite Infant Radiant Warmer

The Neolite Infant Warmer features two control modes: manual control and skin temperature servo-control
The Neolite Infant Warmer also lets you:
Simultaneously monitor the set temperature and the skin temperature
Easily adjust the horizontal angle of the radiator and the inclination of the infant bed
Folding panels provide convenient access to the infant

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Touch switch panel for setting temperature and real temperature
APGAR timer
Heating power rate indicates 0-100%
Multi-function self-checking alarms
X-ray cassette located under bed
RS232 connector
Data output
Standard configuration includes:
Radiation head
Temperature controller
Skin temperature sensor
Bed temperature sensor
Infant bed and bed deck
I.V. pole
Tray and stand

Power Supply: AC110V – 240V/50-60HZ
Power Input: 700VA
Temperature Control Range: 25? C ? 37? C
Sensor Precision: ?0.3? C
Uniformity of Bed Temperature: ?2.0? C
Adjustment Angle for the Radiation Head: 0?, 30?, 60?
Inclination of Infant Bed: ?15?
APGAR Timer: Sound indications at 1 min., 5 min., 10 min.
Audible and Visible Alarm: Indicates the real temperature and cuts off the power supply of heater when necessary
Over-Temp Alarm: Sounds when skin temperature is >39.5? C
Deviation Alarm: Indicates when the temperature deviates from the setting temperature by ?1? C
Sensor Alarm: When the sensor is disconnected, open circuit, short circuit or put on the outside of bed
Power Failure Alarm: Sounds when the unit is turned on but there is no power or if the power cord is disconnected
System Alarm: Sounds when there is a system malfunction inside the temperature controller
Gross Weight: 110 kg
Measurement: 1,270 mm ? 810 mm ? 1,110 mm

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