NeoGlide Transport Infant Incubator

Features multiple temperature control modes, each controlled by micro-computer

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Use AC power and DC power alternatively, and DC 12V or DC 24V power in an ambulance
Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separately
Can be equipped with >37?C temperature set function
Failure alarm indication
Double wall hood with side door for pulling out the bassinet
Natural air flow humidity
Adjustable height
Configurations available with:
Main body, including the hood, controller, bassinet, internal batter and observation lamp
Oxygen cylinders
Oxygen supply system
Skin temperature sensor
IV pole
Adjustable stand
>37? C override temperature mode (optional)

AC power supply: AC110V – 240V/50-60Hz
DC power supply: DC12V/10A or DC24V/6A
Input power: 400VA
Air-temperature control range: 25? – 37?C
– Override mode: 37? – 38?C
Baby temperature control range: 34? – 37?C
– Override mode: 37? – 37.5?C
Skin temperature sensor accuracy: ?0.3? C
Temperature variability: ?1.0? C
Temperature uniformity: ?1.5? C (mattress is on the horizontal position)
Noise inside hood: ?55dB(A)
– Environment noise ?45dB(A)
Failure alarm: Over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, motor fan failed alarm, power failure alarm
Operating at temperature equilibrium: 90 min (Set temp: 36? C | Ambient temperature: 15? C)
Environmental Temperature
Operating range: 10? C ~ 30? C
Set temperature should be 3? C higher than the environment temperature
Ambient air movement rate: <1.0 m/s Package Size: Main body: 109 cm ? 65.5 cm ? 76 cm Cabinet: 138 cm ? 61 cm ? 40 cm Gross Weight: Main unit: 80 kg Cabinet: 53 kg

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