Drager Caleo Infant Incubator

The Drager Caleo is a state-of-the-art incubator that balances the need for a carefully controlled infant microclimate with the important bond between infants, parents and caregivers.

The Caleo is the first incubator of its kind with kangaroo mode, an innovative way to bring the baby and the parent together while maintaining thermoregulation. Kangaroo mode provides continuous monitoring and climate control while the baby is out of the incubator, preventing cold stress, heat stress and temperature instability.

While the baby is in the incubator, caregivers can virtually eliminate disturbances by utilizing the Caleo?s external control panel to adjust mattress tilt and height. An integrated x-ray cassette drawer allows caregivers to capture images without opening the incubator. The Caleo also features a double air curtain that sustains a balance climate even when the access doors are open.

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Innovative incubator creates controlled, thermoregulated environment
Allows for more physical contact between the neonate and caregiver than ever before
Unique kangaroo mode for monitored interaction between caregivers and baby
Monitors the following parameters: air, skin, humidity, oxygen, weight
Adjustable trend is customizable from 3 hours to 7 days
Integrated x-ray cassette allows caregivers to capture images with minimal disturbance
Double air curtain provides consistent climate even when access doors are open
JumboPorts? give caregivers access to any part of the bed for endotracheal intubation and minor surgeries
External control panel adjusts mattress tilt, incubator height
Modular design for easy machine updates

Overall Dimensions: 45.9? (1167 mm) W x 27.0? (687 mm) D
Bed Dimensions: 25.4? (645 mm) W x 19.7? (500 mm) D
Height (adjustable column): 48? (1220 mm) to 59.8? (1520 mm)
Height (fixed column): 50? (1270 mm) / 53.9? (1370 mm) / 57.9? (1470 mm)
Surface Height (adjustable column): 31.5? (800 mm) to 43.3? (1100 mm)
Surface Height (fixed column): 34.4? (875 mm) / 37.4? (950 mm) / 41.3? (1050 mm)
Maximum weight: 507 lbs (230 kg)
Basic configuration: 286.6 lbs (130 kg)
Overall load capacity: 145.2 lbs (66 kg)

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