GE Aisys Carestation Anesthesia Machine

The GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia system?s precision controls significantly streamline advanced care. Ventilators, vaporizers, and gas delivery are digitally controlled and integrated data management provide real time patient and system information as well as data exchange.

The built in Advanced Breathing System (ABS) allows for low circuit volumes, which optimizes the machine for low flow anesthesia.

The Datex-Ohmeda Aisys also includes rising multi-breath bellows. These create a easily visible feedback loop for increased patient safety.

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Aisys Carestation Features
Ventilation, vaporization and gas delivery are electronically controlled and monitored.
Data capabilities enable digital interfacing of patient and Carestation information.
The GE Aisys software is easily upgradable to enhance the functionality, add support, and enhance data management.
Provides digital feedback on ventilation, drug levels, patient status, and fresh gas usage.
Ventilation Modes Include: PCV-VG, pressure control, PSVPro, volume control, SIMV, and manual ventilation.
Flexible 7900 SmartVent technology is suitable for neonates, pediatric, cardiac compromised, and standard cases.
Built in ABS allows for low circuit volume, which creates fast response, and optimizes low-flow anesthesia.
Digital vaporization includes continuous monitoring by multiple embedded sensors to help ensure precise delivery.
Digital agent control provides data record keeping of set agent concentrations and usage calculations along with audible low agent alarm alerts.
Electronic protocols provide data continuity.
Rising multi-breath bellows provide a visual feedback mechanism for patient condition.
Smartvent display conveniently compares flow, volume and pressure data over time.
Electronic ventilation provides a full assessment of patient?s status. The ventilator is able to distinguish between mechanical and spontaneous breathing.

Overall: 52.7 in (133.9 cm) H x 28.92 in (73.45 cm) W x 34.8 in (88.4 cm) D
Top Shelf: 21.66 in (54.8 cm) W x 17.5 in (44.45 cm) D
Work Surface: 365.5 in? (2358.1 cm?)
Drawers (small): 4.13 in (10.5 cm) H x 14.88 in (37.8 cm) W x 14.82 in (37.64 cm) D
Casters Diameter: 5 in (12.5 cm)
Overall Weight: 370 lbs (168 kg)
Top Shelf Weight Limit: 100 lbs (46 kg)
Work Surface Height: 34.71 in (88.17 cm)
Drawers (large): 5.91 in (15 cm) H x 14.88 in (37.8 cm) W x 14.82 in (37.64 cm)
Aisys Ventilation Modes
Standard: Volume control mode with tidal volume compensation
Optional: Pressure Control and PCV-VG, SIMV, PSVPro
Notification of spontaneous breathing: Patient-generated breaths will change pressure and flow waveform color for immediate clinician notification
7900 Smartvent Parameters
Tidal volume range: 20 to 1500 mL (Volume control and SIMV modes)
Incremental settings: 20 to 50 mL (increments of 1 mL), 50 to 100 mL (increments of 5 mL), 100 to 300 mL (increments of 10 mL), 30 to 1000 mL (increments for 25 mL), 1000 to 1500 mL (increments of 50 mL)
Minute volume range: 0 to 99.9 L/min
Pressure (P) Inspired range: 5 to 60 cm H2O (increments of 1 cm H2O), 5 to 1500 mL volume delivery
Pressure (P) max range: 12 to 100 cm H2O (increments of 1 cm H2O)
Pressure (P) support range: Off, 2 to 40 cm H2O (increments of 1 cm H2O)
Rate: 4 to 100 breaths per minute for Volume Control and Pressure Control; 2 to 60 breaths per minute for SIMV, PSVPro and SIMV-PC+PSV (increments of 1 breath per minute)
Inspiratory/expiratory ratio: 2:1 to 1:8 (increments of 0.5)
Inspiratory time: 0.2 to 5.0 seconds (increments of 0.1 seconds) (SIMV and PSVPro)
Trigger window: 0 to 80% (increments of 5%)
Flow trigger: 1 to 10 L/min (increments of 0.5 L/min), 0.2 to 1 L/min (increments of 0.2 L/min)
Inspiration termination level: 5 to 75% (increments of 5%) – Rise Rate 1-10 (PCV, PCV-VG, PSV, SIMV and PCPro)

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