Portable Anesthesia Machine

Fully-functional, compact and portable anesthesia system in a lightweight package. The anesthesia system is compact enough for the smallest surgery or imaging suite, and is fully portable. Easily transport using the retractable handle, located conveniently on top of the unit. Side-located gas ports allow clinicians to safely and efficiently set up the machine.

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all anesthesia systems include a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. available with a hardshell carrying case, complete with casters and a retractable handle. A convenient mobile trolley with a sturdy built-in shelf is also available. Features
Small and compact unit ideal for office-based anesthesia
Lightweight machine weighs only 26 pounds!
Three gas machine (O2, N2O and Air)
Mechanical anti-hypoxic device and air/N2O interlock
Retractable top handle for easy transport
Conveniently located side gas ports
Many ventilator options available.
Selectatec?-compatible vaporizer mounting system
Optional carrying case with retractable handle and casters
Optional mobile trolley with shelf
Holds 1 vaporizer
Specifically designed to accommodate low flow
Auxiliary O2 flowmeter port
Recessed flush valve
Also available with MRI-compatible Penlon Nuffield Ventilator

Physical Weight & Dimensions
Height: 13.8 inches (35 cm)
Width: 19.7 inches (50 cm)
Depth: 7.9 inches (20 cm)
Weight (without vaporizer): 26 lbs (12 kg)
Flow Range: Oxygen / Air: 0 – 10 L/min
Flowmeter Accuracy: ? 2.5% full scale reading
Flowmeter construction and dimensions: Tubes and floats are matched, and must not be interchanged. Flowmeter tubes have antistatic coatings
Oxygen Failure Warning Devices
Gas system whistle
Visual indicator, direct pressure operated
Oxygen Flush
Button on front edge worksurface
The system supplies 35 – 75 L/min when the button is fully depressed
Mechanical AHD System
Minimum oxygen concentration: 30% ? 3% ( total O2 + N2O flow)
Basal flow – oxygen: 100 – 200 mL/min
Operating Temperature: + 10 to 38?C (50 to 100?F)
Operating Atmospheric Pressure Range: 70 to 106 kPa
Operating Altitude: 2438 m (8000 ft) maximum
Operating Humidity: 10 – 85% R.H. non-condensing
Transport / Storage Temperature: -5 to 40?C (23 to 104?F)
Cleaning: Wipe external surfaces with dry or damp cloth. Use mild soap, or disinfectant solution if necessary.

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