Covidien ValleyLab ForceTriad ESU Energy Platform

The Covidien ForceTriad energy platform is a completely integrated ESU generator for open and laparoscopic electrosurgical procedures. The Force Triad provides surgeons with one generator for electrosurgical and tissue fusion needs. Historically, medical facilities needed separate pieces of equipment to achieve the desired clinical outcome: monopolar, bipolar, and vessel sealing. The ForceTriad unifies each into one simple platform, making it an efficient and powerful tool for the operating room. It offers the surgeon all the features they need, including electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar function and LigaSure tissue fusion.

Note: This popular advanced energy platform from Medtronic is available professionally refurbished through Avante Health Solutions. More recent manufactured units may have the Covidien brand versus the Valleylab name but is within the same line of technology.

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All-in-one unit is compatible with common electrosurgical instruments and all current and new LigaSure instruments
Fusion cycles are faster than the original LigaSure vessel sealing generator
Easy-to-use touch screen setup
Reduces demands on staff during procedures
Automatic instrument recognition
Quick and efficient power and mode adjustments from within the sterile field for shorter procedures.
Advanced LigaSure tissue fusion technology permanently fuses up to 7mm vessels, lymphatics, tissue bundles, and pulmonary vasculature

Triad Physical Weight & Dimensions
Height: 25.5 cm (10 in.)
Width: 45.8 cm (18 in.)
Depth: 50.8 cm (20 in.)
Weight: 13.6 kg (30 lbs)

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