ASG-350 Electrosurgical Unit

Versatile ESU suitable for a variety of surgical applications
The ASG-350 is an adaptable electrosurgical system designed for the modern surgery suite. With 10 onboard memory settings and automatic safety functions, the ASG-350 allows physicians to quickly configure and activate cautery settings. The large, clear digital display increases visibility and convenience. This unit comes standard with a variety of ESU accessories.

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Versatile electrosurgical unit suitable for a variety of surgical needs.
Output modes for the ASG-350:
PURE CUT: 1W ~ 350W, Load: 500?
BLEND 1: 1W ~ 250W, Load: 500?
BLEND 2: 1W ~ 150W, Load: 500?
COAG 1: 1W ~ 120W, Load: 500?
COAG 2: 1W ~ 100W, Load: 500?
COAG 3: 1W ~ 50W, Load: 500?
BIPOLAR 1: 1W ~ 150W, Load: 100?
BIPOLAR 2: 1W ~ 150W, Load: 100?
Interface includes 10 memory settings to capture previous power settings for quick and efficient setup.
Automatic safety functions for startup and error detection.
Onboard electrode contact quality inspection helps to ensure proper placement in real time. Output automatically stops if improper contact is detected.
High-definition digital display for superior visibility.
Suitable for a variety of surgical applications including cystoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy, and more.
This product comes standard with the following matching accessories:
Monopolar Foot Pedal – QTY 1
Bipolar Foot Pedal – QTY 1
Disposable ESU Pencil – QTY 5
Disposable ESU Pad (split) – QTY 5
Disposable ESU Pad (solid) – QTY 5
Cable for Reusable Pad – QTY 1
Power Cord – QTY 1
Cable for Reusable Bipolar Forceps – QTY 1
Dual Pencil Switch – QTY 1
Individual Pencil Switch – QTY 1

Generator Dimensions
Length: 18.9 in (48 cm)
Width: 14.9 in (38 cm)
Height: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)
Weight: 15.4 lb (7 kg)
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 22.8 in (58 cm)
Width: 19.3 in (49 cm)
Height: 12.6 in (32 cm)
Weight: 23.1 lb (10.5 kg)
Technical Parameters
Operating temperature: 10?C ~ 40?C
Relative humidity range: ?80%
Pressure range: 50.0kPa ~ 106.0kPa
Power supply: 220/110V, 50/60Hz
Operating frequency: 330 ~ 460kHz

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