Compass LED ENT Surgical Microscope

Combination of classic aesthetics and modern technology
The Compass LED surgical microscope integrates high performance features for sharply focused imaging and user-friendly functionality. The compass LED offers superb optical performance with 6-step magnification capabilities and apochromatic lens that improves the resolution, contrast and image depth. The LED light source provides long-lasting, pure white color light. The counter-balanced pantographic arm allows for easy maneuvering and exact positioning.

“If you are currently in the market for a Zeiss Pico or Leica M320, the Avante Compass LED is an excellent alternative. It is very competitive and offers the most important features at a better price point. The Compass is also a great replacement option for aging Opmi 1 microscopes currently in the field. The LED lighting system alone can save thousands in overall cost of ownership.”

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6-Step magnification system
LED lightsource Lux, life, Kelvin
20W LED coaxial illuminator
10x Wide Field Eyepiece (12.5x available)
250mm Objective Lens (200-400mm also available)
Apochromatic Objective Lens
Integrated Video Camera
Adjustable Eyecups
Rotatable Maneuvering Handles
Counter-balanced pantographic arms design and tension control adjustable
Mounting Options: Fixed Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Table, Mobile Floor
Integrated Orange and Green Filter
Available foot-long extension arm
Upgradable Assistant Scope

Eirger 45? inclined or 0-180? inclinable binocular head for Dental surgery or Straight binocular head for ENT surgery
12.5x/18mm High Eye-point Wide-Field eyepieces
Range of Pupillary distance: 50mm to 70mm
Range of the Diopter of Eyepiece: ? 7D
250mm APO-chromatic objective lens with fine focusing adjustment knob
Magnification: 6-step, Total magnification indicator 0.33=2.8x, 0.5=4.2x, 0.8=6.9x, 1.22=10.40x, 2=17X, 3=25.6x
Arms: First big arm, 500mm length can be rotated 360?. Second small arm 600mm in length with movement ?300mm can be rotated ?150?. Third angled arm can be 3-D movement
Diameter of object field: 8.7mm to 78.3mm
Height: 1750mm
Base size: 610mm ? 600mm
One 20W LED Illuminator
Maximum Object Illumination: 50,000 Lux Min.
Built-in Orange filter and Green filter changed by a knob.
Power supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Pupillary distance adjustable: 50mm to 70mm

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