Compass 101 Microscope

Compass 101 offers superb optical performance
The Compass 101 is a high-performing ENT microscope that ensures clear and precise three-dimensional images. The Compass 101 is designed with an LED illumination source that guarantees a bright and long lasting light, and an excellent parfocal which provides more accurate results. Included is a superb 3-step magnification system that creates contrast and image depth for sharp images, as well as built-in colored filters for improved clarity

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Three step magnification system
Built-in green and yellow filters
Two-part column fitted on a five-star stand base
Straight observation
Two-part arm for easy maneuvering
20,000 hours LED lifespan
50,000 LUX objective illumination

Column height: 1200mm (47.24 in) max
Arm length: 1500mm (59 in) max
Arm height range: 600-1550mm (23.62-61.02 in)
Lens and Magnification
200/250mm objective lens
300/400mm objective lens (optional)
Total magnification: 2.4X – 12X
10mm fine focusing range
3-step magnification change: 0.6X, 1X, 1.6X
10W LED illumination system
LED lifespan: 20,000 hours
Power supply voltage: 90V/60HZ-250V/50HZ

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