Waveline EZ MAX 2 Patient Monitor

Cost-effective patient monitor customizable for many care settings
The Waveline EZ MAX 2 is a cost-effective,
multi-parameter patient monitor that comes standard with a high-resolution touchscreen. Using the monitor’s intuitive menu interface, clinicians can easily customize the display for any care setting. The EZ MAX 2 also features proprietary algorithms for ECG, SpO2, and NIBP to improve monitoring capabilities. This device is also available with mainstream or sidestream EtCO2 and other monitoring parameters as an additional option.

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Muti-parameter patient monitor comes standard with: 3/5-lead ECG, HR, RESP, SpO2, NIBP, PR, 2-TEMP.
High-resolution, 12.1-inch touchscreen.
Multiple display modes are customized for any setting: Standard display, Large font, Trend view, OxyCRG, bed-to-bed.
Intuitive shortcut menu allows clinicians to simplify setup.
Reliable monitoring algorithms optimized for a wide range of patients:
ISEAP? ECG: arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, heartrate measurement.
iMAT? SpO2: outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance.
iCUFS? NIBP: cardiac patients, hypertensive patients, neonatal patients.
Optional: Mainstream or sidestream EtCO2.
Position the EZ MAX 2 easily with the onboard bed rail hook, or use with a wall mount or rolling stand.
Quiet, no fan design and night mode allow the monitor to blend seamlessly into the patient care setting.
Waterproof and dustproof keyboard design.
Comes standard with a thermal recorder.
Optional parameters include 2-IBP, Sidestream CO2, Respironics CO2, Nellcor OxiMax? SpO2, Omron NIBP.
Monitors Anesthetic Agents when paired with integrated gas module.

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Physical Specifications
Monitor Dimensions: 12.9 in (328 mm) W x 11.2 in (285 mm) H x 6.2 in (158 mm) D
Weight: < 10 lb (< 4.5 kg) Display: 12.1 in color TFT touchscreen, resolution 800 x 600 Operating Specifications Battery Operating Time (2500 mAh): ? 3.5h Battery Operating Time (5000 mAh): ? 7h Battery Charge Time (2500 mAh): ? 3.5 h (100% charge) | ? 3.2 h (90% charge) Battery Charge Time (5000 mAh): ? 6 h (100% charge) | ? 5.4 h (90% charge) Recording Types: Continual real-time recording, 8-second real-time recording, Trend graph recording, Trend table recording, NIBP review recording, Arrhythmia review recording, Alarm review recording, Drug calculation titration recording, Hemodynamic calculation result recording, Oxygenation calculation result recording, Ventilation calculation result recording, 12-lead analysis recording, CO measurement recording, Frozen waveform recording Data Management Specifications Trend Data: 3 hours, resolution: 1 s | 120 hours, resolution: 1 min Alarm Events: Up to 200 sets NIBP Measurement Data: 1200 sets Arrhythmia Events: Up to 200 sets 12-lead Analysis Result: Up to 50 sets

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