Sun-Med Conventional Airway Management Intubation Kit

This all in one airway management intubation kit with Sun-Med Airway Management Conventional Illumination Intubation Kit includes everything you need. The kit comes with airways, blades, lamps, handles, forceps, batteries, jelly, tubes, syringe, stylettes, and carrying case. The kit is designed for adult and pediatric use.

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8 Oralpharyngeal color coded Guedel airways (sizes 00-6) (40mm-100mm)
1 Pediatric chrome plated Laryngoscope handle
1 Medium chrome plated laryngoscope handle
5 Miller laryngoscope blades (sizes 0-4)
4 MacIntosh laryngoscope blades (sizes 1-4)
2 Large laryngoscope lamps
2 Small laryngoscope lamps
1 Adult Magill forceps
1 Pediatric Magill forceps
2 C-size batteries
2 AA-size batteries
4 packets of lubricating jelly
2 Endotracheal uncuffed tubes (sizes 2.5, 4mm)
8 Endotracheal cuffed tubes (sizes 5 – 10mm)
1 ea Nasopharyngeal airway (20, 24, 28, 32FR)
1 10ml syringe
1 Pediatric stylette
1 Adult stylette
1 Nylon airway management case

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