Stryker MX-PRO R3 X-frame Ambulance Stretcher

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Transport at load capacity
Color-coded controls for safety precautions
Fold down side rails requiring no lateral space
Larger Patient Surface accommodating a wide range of patients
Over Sized Wheels require less force allowing for a safe and secure transport
Two lap belts and one four-point shoulder restraint for keeping the patient safe and secure
Shock Position
One-hand release breakaway head section with safety bar maximizing maneuverability
Floor-mounted safety hook reduces the risk of dropping incidents
Seven height positions for different patient angles
Easy to use release handle requires minimal force operation
Defibrillator platform
Optional Features
Pull handle
Sealed flat mattress
Premium mattress
X-frame guards provides extra durability and stability
Head extension
Rigid head-end storage tray

Position 1 – 13?
Position 2 – 20.5?
Position 3 – 25?
Position 4 – 29″
Position 5 – 32?
Position 6 – 35?
Position 7 – 38?
Length: Standard – 80? | Minimum – 62?
Wheels: Diameter – 6? | Width – 2?
Maximum Weight Capacity: 650 lbs.
Stretcher Weight: 81 lbs.
Stretcher Width: 23?
Backrest 0Ëš – 73Ëš
Shock Position +14Ëš

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