Stryker Laparoscopy Tower

The versatile Stryker Laparoscopy Tower provides visualization and documentation of procedures. It also gives you capacity for arthroscopy and other rigid endoscopy procedures.

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Available With
Stryker SDC Pro 2 DVD ? With the SDC Pro 2 DVD, you get sophisticated digital documentation that is easy to use and state of the art. The SDC Pro 2 stores PCcompatible, high quality digital images and videos, and integrates seamlessly into the normal operating room work flow. It features a computer-based unit with a touchscreen, an infrared hand-held remote control and a camera button interface.
Stryker 988 3 CHIP Digital Camera ? The standard for capturing crystal clear digital video. Features a range digital and analog outputs.
Stryker X-6000 Light Source ? The high performance X-6000 integrates with Stryker Endoscopy medical video cameras and dependably illuminates the surgical site across every endoscopic application. Using proper light table and adapters, you can connect it to any rigid or flexible endoscope.
Also includes a Stryker 30L Insufflator, mobile cart and your choice of a flat screen or tube-based monitor!

Stryker Endoscopy SDC Pro 2 DVD
System Type: Real time, MPEG 1 or 2 compression engine with full IBP encoding
Video Inputs: S-Video, Composite, SDI; DVI & XGA (DVD system only)
Video Outputs: S-Video, Composite, SDI; DVI & XGA (DVD system only)
Audio Input: Stereo
Resolution: 1024 ? 768 or 640 ? 480 (with HiRes OFF)
Image Enhancement: Real time adjustment of Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Save as JPEG.
Disc Save Time: Less than 10 minutes for one full disc
Disc Capacity: 60 images / Video files, up to a maximum of 1.8GB (CD system) and 4.5GB (DVD system)
File Format: Standard BMP file, ISO standardized MPEG-1 file, MPEG-2, JPEG (non-progressive, 1:1:1 no sub-sampling)
CD Recording: Multisession ISO9660 with Joliet extensions
DVD+RW: ISO UDF Video for DVD Video
Remote Control: Wireless Infrared, Camera Head Triggering
Power Consumption: 45W, 100V – 240V at 2A maximum, leakage less than 300micro Amp
Agency Approval: UL 2601-1, 2nd Edition; CAN/CSA C22.2 No.601.1-M90; IEC 601-1-2
Size (control unit): 5.14″ H ? 16.6″ D ? 15.9″ W
Shipping Weight (full assembly): 37 lbs.
Network: 10/100 Mbps ethernet
Auto Printing: 1/2/4/6/8/12/18 images per page
Display: 8″ TFT LCD, with digital touch screen
Type B Equipment
Specialties: General Surgery, Orthopedic, GYN, Cardio-thoracic, Urology, ENT, other
Stryker Endoscopy 988 3 CHIP Digital Camera
Imaging System: 1/3″ Interline Transfer, EX view HAD CCD 752 (H) ? 582 (V) pixels
Video Outputs:
Composite: PAL standard, 1.0V P-P into 75 Ohms
Connector: BNC Coaxial
Component: S-VHS, Y-1.0V P-P C-0.29
Connector: 4-Pin VHS
Component: RGB (or Y, B-Y, R-Y), 1.0V P-P into 75 Ohms
Connector: 8-Pin DIN
Digital Visual Interface: (DVI) Digital 1024 ? 768 XGA resolution, 29-Pin DVI-I
Serial Digital Interface: Digital SMPTE-259M BNC coaxial XGA analog
Camera control Unit: 9.8″ / 24.8 cm (w) ? 4.0″ / 10.1 cm (h) ? 15″ / 38.1 cm (d)
Camera head to camera control unit 10′ / 3 m sealed cable or 21.3′ / 6.5 m sealed cable (sensed by CCU)
Enhancement: Switchable to 8 steps
Cable connector: Super lemo gold pin connectors
Resolution: 950 lines
Signal to noise ration: 72 dB
Mounting: C-mount/standard
Minimum illumination:
Auto Shutter Range: 1/50 – 1/50000
Gain: 4 levels / 0 – 15 dB
Power consumption: Approx. 30 W
Input voltage range: 230 ? 10 VAC 50/60 Hz
Total shipping weight: 13 lbs. (5.9 kg)
Stryker Endoscopy X6000 Light Source
Primary 100 – 240VAC 50/60 Hz 450W
Fuse 8.0A 250V
Fiber Optic Cable Range: 2 mm to 11.5 mm outside diameter continuously adjustable
38.1 cm (w) ? 41.4 cm (d) ? 14 cm (h)
15.0 in. (w) ? 16.3 in. (d) ? 5.5 in. (h)
Weight: 10.9 Kg
Lamp: 300 Watt Xenon Cermax
Lamp Life: Approximately 500 hours
Thermal Limit: 85?C/185?F
Operating Conditions: 5 to 40?C, 10% to 85% Relative Humidity
Transportation & Storage: 5 to 40?C, 10% to 85% Relative Humidity, 700hPa to 1060hPa
Classifications & Approvals:
Complies with IEC 601-1 with Amendments 1 & 2, CSA Std., C22.2 No. 601.1-M90, and UL2601-1.
Complies with EN 60601-1-2: 1993 (EMC Compliance of Medical Devices)
Class 1 Equipment
Type CF applied parts
Patent Protection: U.S. #5,850,496 and 6,110,107. Other patents pending
Stryker 30L Insufflator
Power Supply: 100 V~ / 110 V~; Mains fuse T 3.15 A; USA 3.5 A (slow blow), UL listed; Mains fuse T 1.6 A; Connection for potential equalization
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 85 W
Max. Current: 100 V: 710 mA; 110 V: 620 mA; 240 V: 310 mA
Protection Class: Class I, Type BF
Dimensions: 360 mm (w) ? 150 mm (h) ? 300 mm (d)
Weight: Approx. 12.5 kkg (without glass cylinder)
Insufflation Medium: Medical CO2
Maximum Output Pressure: 55 mm Hg
Maximum Gas Supply Pressure: 80 bar / 1160 PSI
Minimum Gas Supply Pressure:
5 bar / 73 PSI (CO2 gas cylinder)
5 bar / 73 PSI (CO2 house-controlled gas supply by using the central gas supply connection)
Measurement Range of Gas Supply: 0 – 50 bar / 0-725 PSI
Gas Flow Range: 0 – 30 l / min
Pressure Range: 1 – 30 mm Hg
Accuracy of Pressure Measurement: ?5%
Accuracy of Gas Flow Measurement: ?5%
Accuracy of Volume Measurement: ?10%
Accuracy of Gas Supply Measurement: ?10%
Connections (optional):
RS232-serial port
Video IN/OUT
Operation Directions: 10 – 40? C / 50 – 104? F / 30 – 75% rel. air humidity
Storage/Transportation Directions:
-40 to +70?C / -40 to +159?F
10 – 100% rel. air humidity
Manufactured and Tested Acc. To: EN 60601-1 / IEC 601-1
EMC: EN 60601-1-2 / IEC 601-1-2

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