Sirius Series Fluoroscopy DR

The Sirius Series is a fluoroscopy digital radiography system with SONTU?s self-developed dynamic FPD. It Integrates digital radiography, fluoroscopy and digital contrast to meet the higher clinical application demands.

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Superior Mechanical Design

-45? ~ 45? Rotation of the tube column covers a large detection area.
Extensive SID capability to 1.8m offers flexible examination that satisfy various clinical demands.
-15?/+90?Rotation of the radiography bed for more flexible radiographic positioning.
Large Dynamic Detector

17*17 inches large dynamic detector without splicing provide optimal image quality in both dynamic and static imaging.

Integrated Console

SONTU integrated console with intuitive surface design, available for remote control. It generates rack control, generator exposure, all table movements for more efficient examination operation.
Wide Clinical Applications

Digital radiography, fluoroscopy and digital contrast all-in-one system. Applicable for full-body radiography and fluoroscopy examination. It delivers high-resolution and low dose images for all types of patients.

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