RAD(S) Series Floor-mounted DR

Large image acquisition area with professional image processing workstation and optimal workflow makes SONTU?s RAD(S) series the ideal choice for your digital radiography solution.

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Innovative User-friendly Design

360?rotation of the X-ray tube column for any special radiographic positions.
Pluggable detector and grid design.
Functional Applications

Automatic Exposure Control(AEC) function?Optional?.
Standard Dose Area Product(DAP) function.
Pneumoconiosis Anatomic Procedural Radiography (APR) provides chest X-ray screening for pneumoconiosis.

Stable Input Power Guarantee

SONTU Power Solutions break limited input power with a single-phase option available (Optional). Excellent performance under various electrical and installation circumstances.
Multiple Configurations

Providing 50kW and 63kW high-frequency generator options.
14*17/17*17, wired/wireless flat panel detectors available.

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