PS-2240 – Patient Simulator – w/ ECG, Resp, Arrhs, Temp, 4 IBP

The PS-2200 Family is a series of advanced microprocessor-based patient simulators. Each model provides ECG, blood pressure, respiration and temperature simulation. Models are available with one, two or four independent blood pressure outputs. All models will support the fetal/maternal, SpO2 and cardiac output options. The PS-2200 Family makes viewing and selecting the desired waveforms and parameters quick and intuitive, with all operational information being available at the same time on two cursor-based displays. Easily scroll through parameters and available options. Holter simulation

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? Displays simultaneous, detailed status of parameters
? Drop down choice screens list all options for parameters
? Special power up feature allows the user to choose to use default, last or custom settings
? Auto sequences for bpm, static-pressure levels and performance
? 10 universal patient lead connectors
? Mini-din connectors for bp cables
? 9 volt battery power
? % battery life display
? Low battery indicator
? Available battery eliminator
? Display backlight
? Full remote operation via RS-232
? Flash programmable for upgrades

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