Pillings Hurst Style Esophageal Bougie

Pilling Surgical bougies have a latex-free silicone casing with calibration marks. Because the silicone surface is non-slip when dry and slippery when wet, it gives you a good grip, yet allows for easier, less traumatic insertion. And, unlike rubber, it won??t cause problems for patients who are allergic to latex.

The calibration marks, along with the radio-opaque material in the flexible tip of the Maloney-style, make it simple for you to determine the exact depth of insertion.

Pilling Surgical dialators are date stamped and include a three-year guarantee.

So consider our new bougies for everything they have, but even better, for the things they don??t have.

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Tungsten filled (Mercury-Free)
Depth Markings
Radiopaque throughout entire length
Easy Disposal
Clear marking along the side of the bougie
Silicone elastomer casings
Length 75 cm (30″)
The Hurst model has a blunt tip

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