Philips M2601A Telemetry Transmitter

Durable, adaptable design with broad wireless coverage
The Philips M2601A Telemetry system transmitter sends continuous ECG and SpO2 measurements to the IntelliVue Information Center, where the measurements are captured, analyzed, displayed, and stored.

The basic setup comes with 3-lead or 5-lead capability. The ECG-only transmitter is particularly light and comfortable for patients. Upgraded transmitters combine standard and EASI derived 12-lead ECG monitoring on a single device, run on easily replaceable AA batteries, and provide audio feedback for many tasks, including “power on” and SpO2 spot check.

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Frequency of 460-480 MHz or 608-614 MHz WMTS
Lightweight?less than ? lb.
SpO2 configuration used for transmitters that are used with SpO2 sensors.
Standard ECG configuration with 3- or 5-lead capability
EASI ECG configuration used for transmitters that work with central stations that are capable of converting a 5-wire lead set signal to 12 lead analysis by having EASI version software installed at the central station.

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