Olympus EVIS EXERA III CLV-190 Xenon Light Source

The Olympus EVIS EXERA III CLV-190 Xenon Light Source provides clinicians with brighter, more powerful imaging.
With the CLV-190, pre-procedure setup is easier and more efficient. The light source features a one-step connector, reduced operating noise, increased light intensity and more state of the art features. For more information, contact an Avante representative today.

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One-step connector for streamlined pre-procedure setup.
Updated cooling fan design helps to maintain a comfortable temperature.
Bright lamp for brighter Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) observation.
NBI provides twice the viewable distance and offers enhanced visualization of healthy or abnormal tissue.
Reduced fan speed helps to control noise during procedures.
Link connection to peripheral devices accelerates transmission speed.
Light intensity automatically adjusts to achieve optimal illumination for each use.
Intuitive backlit front panel indicators and controls.

Power Supply
Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC; within ? 10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz; within ? 3 Hz
Consumption electric power: 600 VA
Dimensions: 14.6 in W x 5.9 in H x 18.7 in D (standard) |15.4 in W x 6.8 in H x 21.7 in D (maximum)
Weight: 41.8 lb
Examination lamp: 41.8 lb
Average lamp life: Approximately 500 hours of continuous use (with intermittent use, the lamp life may vary slightly)
Ignition method: Switching regulator
Brightness adjustment: Light-path diaphragm control
Cooling: Forced-air cooling
Intensity mode: Normal or high intensity
NBI observation: Available
Color conversion: Possible using special-purpose filter
Emergency lamp: Halogen lamp (within mirror) 12 V 35 W
Average emergency lamp life: Approximately 500 hours

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