Ohmeda/Diamond/Ohio Console Outlets Evacuation Male Ohmeda/Diamond Outlet

ETL Listed to UL 1331 and CSA Z9170-1
Conforms to NFPA 99 and CGA standards
Accepts Ohmeda gas specific compatible male adaptors
Gas specific indexing
Removable front assembly
All outlets are 100% tested for flow and leaks
Nameplate color coding per NFPA 99
360 swivel inlet tube
Metal back and nameplate
Strength of connections provides support for dispensing equipment without the use of additional brackets
Made in the U.S.A.

Modular single outlets incorporate nameplate color-coding in accordance with NFPA 99
Secondary check valve operates automatically to stop the free flow of pressure gas services
No secondary check for the vacuum or WAGD services
Double O-ring seal between nameplate and rough-in is serviceable without shutting off gas service
Capable of supporting 10 lbs. at 2? from nameplate without leaking
Scratch-resistant, durable, color-coded nameplate
Rough-in supply tube is 7? in length of ? O.D. copper Type K for all gas services
Clean for oxygen service in accordance with current CGA Pamphlet G-4.1
Test before use in conformance with NFPA 99, local and state codes

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