Medical Gas Analyzer – N2O, O2, CO2 – CO Optional

The G210 is specifically designed for highly accurate measurement and verification of the quality of piped medical gases in hospitals.

If you would like to measure CO, please order the 11N version of the unit.

Please Note: Either the BC80-00246 flow restrictor or the G-STEPPR Stepdown Regulator is required when using this analyzer to test medical gas systems. A BC80-00246 is included in the order unless removed by unchecking the box above. If you are purchasing the PKG version, a G-STEPPR is included, so you do not need the BC80-00246 flow restrictor.

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? 4 gases measured in one analyzer – N2O, O2, CO2, CO (CO only available on the 11N model)
? Easy user calibration
? Quick verification of gas quality
? Enter specific site & IDS for monitoring points
? Identify contaminant CO2

? 0 – 100% N20
? 0 – 100% O2
? 0 – 2000 ppm CO2
? 0 – 500 ppm CO (G210-11N Only)
? Data storage with site ID input
? User alarms

? Hospital piped gases
? Checking the purity of O2 and N2O and for verifying medical air contaminants (CO2)



? Instrument, Sample Tube, Manual, Battery Charger, Hard Carry Case, Soft Carry Case, Stepdown Regulator


? G210 – Medical Gas Analyzer – Measurement of Nitrous Oxide 100%, Oxygen 100%, Carbon Dioxide 2,000pm


? G210 – Medical Gas Analyzer including CO Measurement of Nitrous Oxide 100%, Oxygen 100%, Carbon Dioxide 2,000pm & Carbon Monoxide 500ppm

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