Medfusion 4000 Syringe Infusion Pump

Infusion pump provides improved functionality to trusted Medfusion platform
The Medfusion 4000 is an industry leading infusion pump that provides safe and accurate medication delivery in critical care, anesthesia, neonatal, and pediatric applications. Built on the same trusted pump platform as the ubiquitous 3500, the Medfusion 4000 delivers improved pump functionality and improved an improved drug library. PharmGuard Medication Safety Software and Server Software helps to ensure safe and simple operation.

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Industry leading infusion pump delivers safe, accurate medication delivery in a variety of clinical settings.
Improved pump functionality and library from previous models.
Built on the same trusted Medfusion platform, used by clinicians for years.
Safe for use with patients in pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, adult critical care units and in the operating room.
Proprietary smart pump technology encourages the use of configurable drug libraries, more reliable than traditional infusion methods.
Smart pump technology allows clinicians to identify problems and trends in infusion delivery.
Accurate delivery at +/- 2% for 0.01 mL/hr to 1130 mL/hr flow rates.
Clinicians can configure profiles and drug protocols in various areas throughout the facility.
Horizontal design is ergonomic and easy to use, allowing clinicians to single-handedly load the syringe.
FlowSentry technology features pressure sensing technology for earlier clinical intervention.
Includes wireless or wired data collection and report generation.
Wireless or wired connectivity also simplifies device updates and CQI reporting.
Features extended memory for increased historical data storage.
IPX 3 fluid resistance.
PharmGuard Medication Safety Software:
Drug libraries created for simple and safe deployment to pumps.
Clinical alerts and Quick Library features enhance patient care practices.
Easy management of compatible IV and enteral syringes.
Windows-based software databases for easy data reporting and access.
PharmGuard Server Software:
Deploys and monitors drug library configurations and firmware updates.
Provides clinical, IT, and biomed reports.
Employs industry standard databases, systems, and protocols.
Flexible configuration to meet the needs of any hospital.

Width: 10.5 in
Height: 6.2 in
Depth: 6.7 in
Weight: approximately 4.54 lb
Delivery Accuracy: Nominal ? 2% (? syringe accuracy) for infusion back pressures of -100 mmHg to + 300 mmHg
Minimum increment of resolution: 0.01 mL/hr
Delivery modes: Continuous, Volume/time, Mass, Body weight, Intermittent, Bolus
Internal Battery: Rechargeable (lithium-ion)
AC Power: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 42VA; Safety Class II – Type CF with Functional Earth conductor
Moisture protection: IPX3 (sprayproof)

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