Maxtec Max-1 Anesthesia Replacement Oxygen Cell – Datex-Ohmeda and Others

Maxtec Max-1 Anesthesia Replacement O2 Sensor

Common Form Factor

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Compatible with the following Datex-Ohmeda and other manufacturer models:

Analytical Industries (Replacement Part # PSR-11-915)
Datex-Ohmeda Excel Series
Datex-Ohmeda Modulus Series
Datex-Ohmeda 4700 Oxicap
Datex-Ohmeda 5250 RGM
Datex-Ohmeda 5120/5125 Monitor
Datex-Ohmeda Replacement Part # 0237-2034-700
Hamilton Medical (Replacement Part # HM-10)
Mercury Medical (Replacement Part # 10-103-07)
MSA (Replacement Part #s 655263)
MSA (Replacement Part # 655264)
Pacifitech & SensorTech-BPR (Replacement Part # PT-14A)
Teledyne (Replacement Part # R15)
Teledyne (Replacement Part # C-41131)
VTI / Vascular Technology Inc. (Replacement Part # 101272)
VTI / Vascular Technology Inc. (Replacement Part # 100352)

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