Lung Simulator – Adult

The LS-2000 is an extremely simple concept; as small and portable as a conventional test lung but incorporating an adjustable compliance and a variable resistance feature. The LS-2000 offers a leakage control valve to verify the patient-trigger-function or the leak compensation of a respiratory system. Choose between the Adult (LS-2000A) and the Infant Version (LS-2000I). The LS-2000 is ideal for demonstrating and testing all respiratory and anesthesia systems. It works with the TSI Certifier FA?, Certifier FA PLUS?, the Puritan Bennet PTS-2000 and any other ventilator tester. This test lung is manufactured in accordance with the CE requirements.

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Items Included with LS-2000 Unit:
? BC20-30112 Carrying Case
? BC80-00454 Retainer Clip
? BC80-00455 Side Panel
? BC80-00456 Compliance Slide
? BC80-00457 Inlet Valve
? BC80-00558 Silicon Bag
? BC80-00459 Tension Nut

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