Leakage Tester for Intuitive Surgical’s ION Catheter

The ULT-2020-7193 is used specifically for testing Intuitive Surgical’s ION Catheter.

NOTE: It cannot be used for testing Ultrasound probes like the ULT-2020 or ULT-2010 do.

? Large graphic display
? Selectable options and parameter setup
? 1% FS measurement accuracy
? Auto ranging with 10, 250, or 500 mA FS
? Automatic internal self test
? Single button press for full system test
? Simple PASS / FAIL mode ? for non-technical users
? Analytical mode ? for technical users
? Digital calibration ? no pots to turn
? Battery life display (0 to 100%)
? Programmable backlight timer
? Flash-upgradeable firmware
? RS-232
? PC software (limit configuration tool)
? Real time clock
? Meter mode for extended measurement periods
? Programmable meter source (challenge) voltage and frequency
? Programmable meter timer
? Datalog with storage of 99 test records

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