IPA-3400: Infusion Pump Analyzer

The IPA-3400 is the most compact, full featured four channel analyzer on the market.

It is a high accuracy, easy to use system that incorporates full touch screen control of all processes without the use of old fashioned buttons and knobs. This new cutting edge, Patented design uses a dual syringe stepper motor driven system that provides continuous monitoring of the fluid flow without the need to stop and perform intermittent drains like older technologies do. This provides a more realistic flow path for the Infusion Device under test and therefore more accurate readings. Also, independent stepper motor control of the custom designed ceramic valving allows the system to run not only more quietly and more smoothly, but it also allows for a bidirectional powered fluid flow for use in the built-in cleaning cycle.

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Features – IPA-3400 Series:
? Smaller in Size – Larger in Features
? Faster in Operation
? Easier To Use
? High Accuracy
? Large 7? Color Touch Screen
? 1,2,3 and 4 Channel Models Available (Field Upgradeable)
? User Swappable Fully Self Contained Flow Modules
? Calibration in Flow Modules
? No Need To be Down For Calibration or Service
? Smooth Dual Syringe System
? Eliminates Drain Cycle Inconsistencies
? Whisper Quiet Operation
? Auto Start
? Built in Auto Test Sequences
? Built in Data Collection
? Industrial Grade SS Pressure Sensor
? Performs All IEC 60601-2-24 Required Tests
? 0.1 mL to 1600 mL/Hr
? 4 USB Ports & 4 AUX Ports
? Flash Drives, Barcode Scanners, Keyboard and Mouse Directly Supported
? PC Compatible
? Configurable Pressure (mmHg, PSI, Bar, kPa)
? Large 32GB Internal Memory
? US Patent No. 10,100,828

The IPA-3400 has built-in auto-sequence capabilities that allows the user to perform automatic test procedures. This allows specific test routines specified by various manufacturers to be run, which provides a significant time savings as well as reduces the risk of human error. Advanced features in our auto-sequences even allows the inclusion of pictures to aid with the setup and configuration of each step.

All test results are stored internally in the large 32 GB memory. They can also be downloaded to a USB flash drive or directly to a PC.

There are specific requirements in IEC 60601-2-24 for not only flow readings but back pressure simulation, bolus (PCA) measurements and occlusion alarm monitoring. All of these features are specifically built into the IPA-3400 with simple to use on screen selections.

The IPA-3400 is designed to hold up to 4 IPA-3900-FM flow modules. These modules are individually serialized and calibrated so that they may be moved from channel to channel and even unit to unit. Once installed they are recognized by the IPA-3400 and their Serial Number and NIST Traceable Calibration information are presented on the display and utilized in all data reporting.

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