ImaStar MDP(MR Injector).

Independent Dual Drive Motor System

Allows independent of filling and air expelling of Side A and Side B respectively.

Allows independent injections of Side A and Side B respectively.

Requires No Battery

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True Color 12? Touch Screen

Simple and intuitiveuser interface highlights key information to facilitate setup and injections

Waterproof Injector Head

Prevents injector damage caused by leakage and ensures safe clinical operation.

Bluetooth Communication

Operational Safety

Air expel panel and ready panel are separated for double confirmation to ensure safe injection.

When approaching Pressure Limit, the system automatically lower injection speed.

When exceed Pressure Limit, the system stops injection, and triggers both text and vocal alarms.

Independent KVO Mode

Flexible KVO interval settings available

115ml saline syringe capacity allows longer KVO

Real-time Pressure Curve

Provides real-time pressure curve, monitor pressure changes, and reduce risks of patients.

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