HydroTherm SG Autoclave

The HydroTherm SG operates easily, safely, and reliably
The HydroTherm SG is a state of the art autoclave, designed for clinical and laboratory use. This autoclave includes an easy to use interface, intelligent control systems that prevent errors, and five pre-set options for convenience.

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The HydroTherm SG is available through Avante Medical Surgical. For more information, contact an Avante representative today.

Five pre-set options for convenience:
250?F/solid (250?F/unwrapped)
250?F/wrapped (250?F/wrapped)
273?F/solid (273?F/unwrapped)
273?F/wrapped (273?F/wrapped)
Screen display of parameters and conditions during processing
Adjustable sterilization times
Successive sterilization process option keeps the autoclave warm until it is opened, allowing for reduced warming time between sterilizations
If an error occurs, the machine will stop running, pressure will be released, and an alarm will go off to prevent damage
Equipped with a water quality check system to prevent dirty water being used
Key for vacuum test program
Waste water tank indicator light detects when water levels are too high/too low
3 shelf rack
Equipment tray
Tray shelf
Tray holder
Drain hoses

Chamber Dimensions
9.75 in x 17 in
Holds 22 liters
Overall Dimensions
25.5 in L
16.5 in H
19.75 in W
Frequency: 60Hz
Voltage: one-phase 110V?11V

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