GE Vivid Q Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

High-quality cardiovascular imaging in a convenient, portable package
The GE Vivid Q is a state-of-the-art cardiovascular ultrasound system that provides clinicians with excellent images and advanced quantification. The extremely portable and lightweight unit is suited for use with cardiac, vascular, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, OB and OR applications.

Although the GE Vivid Q is no bigger than a laptop computer, it comes with on-board image quality optimization, automated speckle-tracking strain and Auto-EF tools to help medical professionals reach a confident diagnosis every time.

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High-performance cardiovascular ultrasound system.
Lightweight, portable design.
Automated imaging options for easy acquisition, enhanced image quality.
Image quality optimization for increased efficiency with a wide range of patients.
Automated speckle-tracking strain and Auto-EF tools.
Numerous connectivity options streamline workflow.

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