GE SmartVent 7900 Anesthesia Ventilator

The GE SmartVent 7900 is an anesthesia ventilator with internal monitors for inspired oxygen, airway pressure, and exhaled volume. The 7900 provides both volume and pressure control. This ventilator allows for automatic compensation of compression losses, changes in fresh gas concentration, and small leaks within the absorber and bellows with the unique SmartVent? tidal volume compensation system.

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Bundled as an optional feature to the Aestiva 5
Adjustable flow trigger provides automatic breathing synchronization
Pressure support provided in combination with the SIMV mode
Volume and Pressure modes with electronic PEEP
Synced Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
Direct access to ventilator parameter settings
Pressure Supported Ventilation (PSVPro) with Apnea backup mode
Smart alarms direct user to specific problems and affected parameters
Ideal for spontaneously breathing patients
Full patient range capability
Automatic synchronization with mandatory breaths
Adjustable respiratory rate from 2-60bpm
Assured rate and tidal volume for minimum minute ventilation
Adjustable trigger window to allow fine-tuning to the patient?s breathing pattern
Helps decrease patient?s work of breathing
CPAP capability
Supports spontaneous breaths
Decelerating flow pattern
Adjustable inspiration termination to fine-tune to the patient?s breathing pattern
Automatic apnea backup mode
Available to be used with most LMAs

Height: 15 cm/5.9 in
Width: 25 cm/9.8 in
Depth: 38 cm/15 in
Weight: 15 kg/33 lbs
Power Input: 110/120 Va-c 10%, 50/60 Hz; 220/240 Va-c 10%, 50/60 Hz; 54.5 Watts
Backup Battery: Internal rechargeable battery – 30 min
Gas Supply
Gas source: Anesthesia system
Gas composition: Medical air or oxygen
Nominal supply pressure: 350 kPa/50 psig
Pressure range at inlet: 240 to 700 kPa/35 to 100 psig
Peak gas flow: 120 L/min at 240 kpa/35 psig, 0.75 seconds
Continuous gas flow: 80 L/min at 240 kPa/35 psig
Flow valve range: 1 to 120 L/min at 35 psig
Flow compensation range: 200 mL/min to 15 L/min
Gas composition: O2, N2O, N2, Air, Heliox, CO2, anesthetic agents
Volume delivery: ?7% or 11 mL
Pressure delivery: ?10% or ?3 cm H2O
Volume monitoring: ?9% or 9 mL
Pressure monitoring: ?5% or ?2 cm

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