GE Signa Excite HDxt 1.5T MRI System

Industry-proven MRI system provides clinicians with accuracy, productivity, and reliability.
The GE Signa HDxt 1.5T is a full-featured MRI system designed to deliver definitive diagnoses, even in the most challenging exam situations. The GE Signa HDxt provides clinicians with high-definition, automatically optimized imaging through advanced applications and imaging tool sets. Clinicians can depend on the GE Signa HDxt 1.5t for high levels of accuracy, productivity, and reliability.

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Provides clinicians with a new set of advanced, anatomy-specific clinical applications.
Industry proven, homogenous 1.5T magnet delivers full 48 cm field of view.
Signa HD Magnet is engineered to deliver the highest homogeneity and stability.
16-channel RF.
High density coils, data acceleration technology, and high-definition applications optimized for each anatomical area.
HD Gradients produce high accuracy waveforms.
HD Reconstruction provides real-time, high-performance image generation.
High-Definition Applications engineered for specific anatomical challenges.
Data Acceleration Techniques available for specific imaging applications.
High-Density Coils optimize specific exams.
Engineered for enhanced image contrast, reduced blurring, smaller field-of-view prescriptions, and artifact reduction.
Advanced, high-definition applications including Cube and IDEAL that help deliver images with premium quality and clarity.
IDEAL fat suppression software delivers four images: fat only, water only, in-phase, and out-of-phase.
Cube 3D Isotropic Imaging provides gapless data in 30% less time, allowing clinicians to get a full diagnostic store with a single 3D volume scan.

Clinical use: whole body
Gantry (max. clearance): 60 cm
Magnetic field strength: 1.5T
Patient weight capacity: 350 lb

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