Gas Wall Outlets

Mounted gas outlets allow quick connection of accessories such as flowmeters, nebulizers, vacuum regulators, central evacuation systems, and nasal canulas. Wall-mounted outlets can be recessed into the wall for ready accessibility.

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MRI Compatible
Integral check valve allows removal of the housing and socket assemblies for maintenance without closing down the entire pipeline
Individually pressure and leak tested
The combination of teflon coating and stainless steel rolling pins gives a smooth action for insertion and removal of the probe
Each gas is color coded and has a uniquely sized fitting to avoid inappropriate gas usage
The anti-rotational locking bar and the gas indexing pin are cast into the socket assembly and cannot become lose or be removed
Machined brass and zinc die-casting with stainless steel rolling pins

Gases and Services
Standard gas outlets available are oxygen, nitrous, medical air and medical vacuum

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