Flexicare BriteBlade Pro Single-Use Metal Fiber Optic Macintosh Laryngoscope Blades

The Venticaire range of fiber optic laryngoscopes are manufactured without an inner sleeve, thus producing a lightweight handle. The halogen bulb produces a cold yet bright illumination, providing an intensity of light required during examination and intubation.

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Reduced Risk of Damaging Patient Teeth
Low profile design on both Mac & Miller blades.

Confidence & Control
100% metal construction matches the proven re-usable blade characteristics.

Eliminate Risk of Cross-Infection
Single-use individually packed pre-sterilized blade.

Reduced Risk of Cross-Contamination
Blade stop design in folded position prevents the blade from touching and transferring contaminants to the handle.

Wide Choice at a Low Cost
Full range of Mac & Miller Blades with a lower overall cost than re-usable purchase, maintenance, cleaning and sterilization costs.

Reduced Risk of Soft Tissues Injury
Rounded tip and edges provides gentle touch on patients soft tissues.

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